What our guests have said


“What a Special Day!”


We'd just gotten home from a Month long Road Trip,

which one of the true Highlights of our Trip was our Time and Wine Tour with Kent. We found Kent's Desert County Wine Tours on Trip Advisor when we'd first started planning our Trip, and from the very start of contacting Kent, things just got better and better. I'm going to try something new for me and just list the Pro's and Con's to keep things orderly.



All of our Contacts with Kent before the Tour was always met with fast and courteous responses.

He'd supplied lots of extra pre-trip information on the towns of the beautiful Okanagan Valley and Osoyoos.

Kent arrived right on time, actually was 5 mins early, which is always a good sign. The Van was very comfortable and roomy, and Kent's driving was always safe and very professional, so we never had to worry about that aspect of the Tour. Which left Us to sample the excellent wines along the way !!! We never felt rushed or that we needed to hurry at any of the places, which was so nice and relaxing.

We'd signed up for the 5+ Hour Tour and I don't think 5 hours has ever gone so fast and we'd had such a good time. We visited numerous wonderful Wineries on both sides of the Beautiful Osoyoos Lake. Kent always explained each of the Wineries, their special places on each side of the Lake, which the Soils, Light, and Air are different and how it effected their Wines and Growing Season.

The Wineries were all Top Rated and almost all had Won Top Honors with Platinum, Gold, and Silver Medal vintages. Each place we went we were Welcomed like Old Friends or Family, which to Us showed the Respect that each place had for Kent and also the Respect he'd give to their accomplishment and Wines. So, needless to say from the moment the door opened till we left we were so well taken care of and treated like Royalty, which spoiled us for the Rest of our Trip ;-)

Kent had also set up a very nice Lunch at the Burrowing Owl, I can still taste that wonderful meal and served with Their special Merlot made the Duck Confit even more mouthwatering. The Excellent Service and Meal that we had was such a nice addition to all the great Wineries. We'd sat on the Balcony over looking the Winery and Landscape, just a stunning view no matter where you looked. We'd love to go back such good food, Service, and gracious Hospitality.

We loved the fact that we didn't have to worry about driving or finding the different Wineries, Plus the fact that I would have never been able to taste any of the wines and drive, so this was a Dream come true for me. I've been learning about wines for quite a few years and this added so much to my learning process, which made the Tour even more special.

I think also being treated and feeling like we'd been picked up by a Good Friend and taken to see the different Wineries you could hear and feel the Pride in his Voice when describing each and everyone of them. These days and times that's a very rare commodity.

Also, I'd told Kent that I loved taking pictures so he was always showing us different places for pictures or landmarks, or points of interest.

Last but not least, I have to add about Kent going the Extra Mile for us. I'd left my Favorite Winter Coat in our Hotel Room, and after many attempts at getting the Hotel General Manager to actually send it to our next destination. I'd asked Kent if he could check on it for me as I did not want to have to drive back 5hrs or more, or lose my coat. So, with his usual good naturedness he said he'd check on it the next morning for me. I got an email saying he had my Coat and would get it in the Post for me the next day. My Coat made it home safely weeks before we did . Talk about going the extra mile and Customer Service above and beyond the norm.


Now onto the Cons...............................................

Well, first and the most egregious to me, was the fact that I'd not planned / allowed 3-4 more days to be able to take more Tours with Kent to revisit some of the Wineries and see all the others !!!

Also, that I didn't have more Money to buy more Wine !!! It was so good and so many special ones !!! Also have a bigger car so that could haul more back to Texas !!!


In closing, I can honestly say , it was one of the Best Tours we've had from Start to Finish, and would love to do it again Today !!!


Kindest Regards,



"Great Day had by all"


Our private tour into Naramata Bench couldn't have been better. Kent was a fantastic host and driver. He was very flexible with our time and made sure our next stop was ready and waiting for us. Would highly recommend Desert County



"Go with Kent"


If you are planning to visit the wineries while in Osoyoos, Kent should be your first choice of who to go with. Kent shared his knowledge not only about the wine but of the area too. He has built up a long friendship with the winery owners which made our time in each a relaxed & friendly atmosphere. We never felt rushed with the tastings or stopping for photos. All in all we had a day to remember plus a new friend.




"Perfect wine tour experience"


My wife and I did the five hour tour, which could easily have lasted longer if the couple that was with us hadn't gotten grumpy – make sure you get your sleep the night before :-)


Kent was an excellent host, and very receptive to adjusting/adapting the tour to what we were looking to do. In our case, we wanted to see some unique wineries that we might not find on our own, and he definitely delivered.


I would strongly encourage this company, regardless of tour package - very friendly, reasonable price, and exactly what you look for in a good quality wine tour.


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